Integrated Arts and Physical Education

We are incredibly lucky at Pascual LeDoux to be able to have students participate in either Physical Education or Integrated Arts as a part of their daily routine.  We believe it is important for students to be exposed to extra curricular activities and work hard to make these times fun and engaging for all students!

In Integrated Arts Mr Weller brings arts into the classroom, not only to make art, but to use art as a means of teaching critical thinking skills to children and supporting their social and emotional needs.  Students get to use their creative abilities as they work with Mr. Weller to create props for the centers in their classrooms, original art pieces and explore colors, shapes and art techniques.

In Physical Education students are exposed to all different kinds of physical activities that support them in gross motor skills as well as social and emotional skills.  Students explore different sports like soccer, volleyball, baseball and basketball while working on throwing, catching, kicking, etc.