About Our School

We are excited to be in our ninth year!

Pascual LeDoux Academy is the first DPS Center for Early Education in southwest Denver. Our academy was created to expand public access to early childhood education and to relieve overcrowding  in southwest Denver elementary schools. We serve 3- and 4-year-olds from CMS Community School, Castro Elementary and Munroe Elementary as well as students from the entire Denver area.

Pascual LeDoux Academy is specifically designed and tailored for young learners, not only the curriculum but also the physical environment. We focus on the needs of all of our individual students and believe it is our job to inspire life long learning for all students starting in ECE.  Our curriculum, Tools of the Mind, is award-winning, comprehensive and aligned to early learning standards. We are extremely proud of the collaborative, calm and welcoming environments that exist in all of our classrooms. Our comprehensive programming, along with our expert ECE teachers, ensure that our students are ready for kindergarten and beyond.

We truly believe in the importance of parental involvement; therefore, we encourage you to get involved in your child’s classroom as well as volunteering in school events!