Food Services

Pascual LeDoux Academy will provide milk, a universal free breakfast, and will have a paid lunch offering. Lunch can be free or reduced as long as you fill out the lunch application.  This is required for all students.  If your child does not eat meat or pork products, accommodations can be made with advanced notice. You can find the daily menu for what will be served at:

  • Parents will have the option to provide a “brought” lunch for their child who attends full-day preschool. Please refrain from bringing items that may need to be heated, cooked or micro-waved during the lunch period.  Pre-warmed or needing to stay cooled, food items can be sent in your child’s lunch-box thermos.
  • We also respectfully request that no unhealthy foods be packed in lunches.  This includes candy, cookies, chips and soda.  No fast food may be brought in for lunch.  

Please send your child’s “brought” lunch in a lunchbox with their name written on it and with any necessary utensils for their lunch. Healthy lunch item suggestions:

Graham crackers (with no sugar on top)

Meat sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Fruit snacks (no sugar added)

Cereal (no sugar)

Fresh vegetables and dip

Crackers and cheese

Trail mix (no M&M’s or chocolate chips)

Fresh Fruit

Small burritos



Hard boiled or deviled eggs